Roof Cleaning vs Roof Replacement

Do you want to get rid of those unattractive roof stains caused by mildew?  Have you thought about replacing the shingles on your roof?  This is certainly an option.  But there is a cheaper, less time consuming, and effective choice.  Professional roof cleaning is the alternative. As homeowners, we like new stuff.  Going shopping and[…]

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Lifetime Warranty for Roof Cleaning

Lifetime Warranty –   Roof Protection Program (RPP) ARB offers its customers a wise and lasting stain prevention program. Any future stains are prevented by reapplying Stain Block treatments every 2-3 years. Stain Block is a non-hazardous, transparent, proprietary formula. In addition, you will receive a thorough 15 point roof inspection of your entire roofing[…]

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Roof Cleaning Process

Here are the 4 common reasons why people have their roof cleaned: 1. To increase overall curb appeal 2. Remove the fungus and moss off of the roof 3. Premature aging of the roof 4. Poor air quality from mold spores You will find that American Roof-Brite’s roof cleaning process will add to the look and luster of your[…]

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