Getting Rid of Stains on Roof shingles

Stains on roof shingles are incredibly common, especially in regions of the country where there is more moisture and humidity. Nearly every shingle roof will have some form of stains eventually, and you may find that the appearance of your home is marred by the black or green stains spreading over the shingles of your roof. In order to get rid of the stains on roof shingles in your home, it is important to go about the cleaning process in the proper fashion.

Dirty Roof
After American Roof Brite Cleaning

You will find that you can do your own roof cleaning, though you will need to be careful when you are up on the roof. Any roof that is covered in moss or algae will be slippery, and many of the stains on roof shingles of your home may cause you to lose your footing. Be very careful when you are up on your roof, as you can break the roof shingles as well as slip and fall.

Using the right chemicals is very important, and it is equally important to take the proper precautions. Different types of moss and algae require different chemicals to get of the stains on your roof shingles, and you will need to find out which chemicals will work best. You will find that these chemicals tend to be very strong, and you can do serious damage to your eyes, lungs, throat, and skin if you aren’t very careful when handling them.

One worry that people have when they try to clean the stains of roof shingles is that the chemicals used to get rid of the moss and algae will damage their storm gutters and drains, as well as the shingles themselves and the plants around your home. If you use the proper chemicals for the specific type of moss or algae growing on your roof, you will usually find that they are designed to only kill that specific type of spore. It is highly unlikely that you will damage anything around your home if you use the proper chemicals, but you should consider hosing everything down once you are finished to ensure that the chemicals dissipate properly.

Pressure washing along with other steps is the best way to get rid of stains on roof shingles. The pressure washer will easily be able to rinse clean the shingles of moss and algae, much more quickly than you would if you used a scrub brush. The only downside to using a pressure washer is that using too much pressure can break your shingles.

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