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Lifetime Warranty for Roof Cleaning

Lifetime Warranty –


Roof Protection Program (RPP)

ARB offers its customers a wise and lasting stain prevention program. Any future stains are prevented by reapplying Stain Block treatments every 2-3 years. Stain Block is a non-hazardous, transparent, proprietary formula. In addition, you will receive a thorough 15 point roof inspection of your entire roofing system. Over the past 40 years our research and development team has perfected the prevention process.  Our moto “Clean It Once-Never Again” has truly stood the test of time.


After 10 years and still clean with Stain Block



After 7 years and still clean with Stain Block


After 7 years and still clean with Stain Block


If you are looking for the best roof treatment option for your home, please contact your professional roof cleaner American Roof Brite by calling (804) 553-1563 and find out more by visiting our website.

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