Roof Maintenance Tips

Caring for your roof is important, as roof maintenance will ensure that your roof lasts many years without deteriorating. Many roof shingles begin to break easier thanks to the mold and algae that grows on the roof, and it is important for regular roof maintenance to be done to ensure that your home stays in good condition. In order to ensure that you provide the proper care for your roof, here are some tips to help you.

It is vital that you remember that roof algae are not just a cosmetic problem, but will actually reduce the lifespan of your shingles. The mold and algae that grows on your roof will absorb the moisture eat the petroleum and its roots will knock off the limestone on the shingles , thus making them crack and break much faster than they should. Regular roof maintenance will ensure that your roof shingles last as long as possible.

Many people believe that using a pressure washer is the best solution for getting rid of roof algae. The truth is that high pressure will simply damage your shingles faster than anything else will. Every time you pressure wash your roof shingles, you are blowing away the protective covering and thousands of tiny particles that make up the roof. With enough pressure you can cut up your roof shingles, never use high  pressure  to wash your roof or you will need to replace them.

Chemicals have been known to damage plant life around the roof when used in roof maintenance, but a number of new chemicals have been developed that will not harm plants while killing the roof algae. If you are worried about your plants, rest assured that American Roof Brite will guarantee that your foliage will not be harmed. No roof cleaning company come close to the 40 plus years of technology and research they have put in to roof restoration.

Just because you only see stains or mold on certain parts of your roof doesn’t mean that those patches are the only parts that need to be cleaned. If there are any stains or algae on your roof, it is likely that there are thousands of tiny spores on your roof. In order to ensure that your roof maintenance is as effective as possible, you should ensure that the entire roof is treated to get rid of the algae.

If you want the best solution for your roof maintenance, you will find that American Roof Brite Richmond Virginia, will be the choice for you. Our motto is, “Clean It Once…Never Again”, and we live up to our motto. You can be certain that our treatment will remove roof moss, algae, and stains, and will do so without pressure washing or damaging your roof shingles. The chemicals that we use to clean the roof will not harm the plants, and you will find that the curb appeal of your home is greatly improved thanks to our roof washing service.

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