Zinc Strips for Roofing Moss – Why They Don’t Keep Roofs Clean

Many so-called roof cleaning companies will offer to install zinc strips on your roof for a hefty price tag. The question is: Are they really worth it? Do they actually work? Many times the zinc strips are sold with a promise that the mold, moss, lichen, and fungus will not come back for years.

Let’s see if this is really true. Here is a picture of a roof showing the outcome of zinc strips after just a few years. This homeowner was sold zinc strips with the promise that he would be mold, moss, lichen, and fungus -free for years. As you can plainly see, it didn’t work. Even when the zinc strips are installed correctly (in most cases they are not) the mold, moss, lichen, and fungus killing properties covers only a few feet below the strip (as seen in the picture). After a while the zinc strips curl and wear, losing any mold, moss, lichen, and fungus -killing value.

Zinc Strips are installed with nails or with an adhesive. The nails have EPDM rubber washers that seal nail holes keep in mind the rubber washer my last only a few years add will need to be replaced. The adhesive used to bond the Zinc Strip to the shingles is roofing tar, which cracks in just a few years.

Not only are zinc strips ineffective, but application is detrimental to the roof. Think about this: In order to install the zinc strips a layer of shingles has to be raised, breaking the waterproof seal. Next, nails are driven into the roof to hold the zinc strips in place. These nails are also creating new holes in your roof. Finally, replacing the strips involves driving more nails into your roof and creating new holes. Repeat this process a few times and you can end up with a leaky roof. Breaking seals and creating holes in the roof – this just doesn’t make sense. Plus, the Zinc Strips don’t come with a warranty…there is another solution.

First, don’t install Zinc Strips to your roof they can’t prevent mold, moss, lichen, and fungus. We recommend safely and properly restoring your roof the American Roof Brite® way. Next, applying Stain Block®, a patented roof-treatment process, prevents fungus, mold, and moss growth. Stain Block® has been successfully used for over 40 years to preserve thousands of roofs nationwide and is offered with a lifetime warranty.

Visit American Roof Brite’s website to see the results that ARB has been providing Richmond area residents for years—the same extraordinary results that they promise you. You can find out more information by calling (804) 553-1563.

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