Roof Cleaning Process

Here are the 4 common reasons why people have their roof cleaned:

1. To increase overall curb appeal

2. Remove the fungus and moss off of the roof

3. Premature aging of the roof

4. Poor air quality from mold spores


You will find that American Roof-Brite’s roof cleaning process will add to the look and luster of your home.  We pride ourselves on our patented techniques of removing fungus and moss from your roof safely.  We have helped our customers achieve their roof’s life expectancy and full value of their roof.  Many people don’t give much thought to airborne mold spores.  But in reality, the release of these mold spores being released from the roof causes breathing difficulties especially for Asthma sufferers.

Thus our slogan is, “A healthy roof is a clean roof.”

Our clients have a great sigh of relief that they invested only a fraction of their well-earned time, energy, and money to beautify the essence of their home.  You can enjoy these same benefits with your house.  Whether your house is large, medium or small in size we will give you a free estimate.


One point to consider when cleaning your shingles is the effect it can have on your verdant landscaping.  Our competitors often use toxic chemicals that will damage or kill the plant life around your house.  The cost to replace your plants or the time it would take to do it yourself is truly not worth the expense.  Our patented cleaning process is safe for all of your plants and grass.  We have had to go back and thoroughly clean roofs that had not been cleaned properly.  And when we show up on site we see the damage to the home owner’s landscaping that is simply unnecessary.

Another benefit to using American Roof-Brite is that we have the best customer service.  We clean roofs throughout central Virginia and the Charlottesville and Richmond metropolitan areas.  There are many other so-called roof cleaners that offer different processes.  But, none will compare to our patented techniques and our customer service.

We are kind, considerate, and think of the customers’ wishes when we clean their roof.  And as each person has his or her own view of what customer service should be, our view is plainly explained…. We will make you happy.  If we make our customers happy for not only the time that we do the work for them, but for 10, 20, or 30 years after we have treated their roof, we feel that our work has achieved the highest honor.
Having your roof properly restored will improve the overall curb appeal of your home in just a few hours.

We promise to keep your roof clean for as long as you have the shingles on your roof.  How can we promise that?  When others have been cleaning roofs for only a few years, we have been restoring roofs since 1968.  Our slogan “Clean it Once, Never Again.”

We provide the best customer service, a lifetime guarantee, and we will keep your yard as beautiful as it was before we arrived.  We look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to have your roof restored. Visit our website or call us at today at 804-553-1563. 

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