Tips for Cleaning Roof Shingles With a Pressure Washer

Working with a pressure washer when cleaning roof shingles is not always recommended, many experts believe that using the water pumped at high pressure, to clean moss and algae off the roof will damage the shingles. By reading the tips laid out below, you will find that cleaning roof shingles with a pressure washer is not only safe but possible, these tips will help you to get rid of moss and algae much quicker than anything else can:

1.) Never use the pressure washer at its highest setting.

Despite the fact that you will be able to blast away all the moss and algae much faster when using the highest pressure washer setting, you will also end up blasting away the shingles as well. Use the pressure washer at a low setting, as that will ensure that your efforts for cleaning roof shingles will get rid of the upper growth spores and mold on the surface without destroying your roof shingles.

2.) Be careful using your power washer pressure washing is dangers, you want to avoid water flowing under your roof shingles.

Always pressure wash at an angle that will send the water running downwards towards the edge of your roof. The power of your pressure washer can send water up under your roof shingles if not pointed downward, which can cause your roof to leak.

The roofing shingles on your roof are fragile, especially after you pound them with 300 psi of water. Be very careful when walking on your roof, and try to avoid stepping in places that you haven’t already washed. Step only on the support beams or rafters of your roof, and step lightly to avoid breaking the shingles while cleaning roof shingles.

3.) Never pressure wash while standing on a ladder. The pressure pumping through the wand may overbalance you, and you may end up falling from your ladder if you aren’t careful. Never stand on the peak of the roof.

It is important to remember that cleaning roof shingles yourself can be dangerous. With a slippery roof, you may end up falling off and seriously injure yourself.

If you aren’t completely certain that you can do the job of cleaning roof shingles on your home properly, using the correct cleaners and equipment,  it will be better to simply hire a company that will come and do the job for you.

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