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American Roof Brite has served the greater Richmond Virginia area for over 28 yrs and has invested more than $120,000 into specialized Roof Cleaning equipment.

We are Licensed and Insured, BBB A+, Highest Rating on Google, Angie’s List, R Home, Richmond Times Dispatch, NBC 12. American Roof Brite Inc Atlanta GA – our home office prides itself on professional Roof Cleaning with more than 50 years of research and development. We are the number one choice for Roof Restoration!

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What's Eating Your Roof?

Most roof stains are the result of algae, fungus, moss and lichen living among tiny granules on top of the shingles. These organisms thrive in damp, shaded areas, and feed on dust, pollen, and other organic materials found in shingles. The mold is slowly eating away the shingle.

Fungus & Algae

Most common ugly black streaks like this roof are from fungus and algae living among the tiny granules that cover the shingles.


Thick green patches are identified as moss, and can be safely removed through our cleaning process to prevent damage.


Flaky mint green growth living on the roof is lichen. A roof in this condition will require our Roof Rover™ for cleaning and restoration.


We cannot clean a roof in this condition. Preventative maintenance and American Roof Brite’s cleaning process is key to avoiding these expensive repairs.

Steps to Clean and Protect your Roof


Using a patented process of High Volume and Low Pressure (HVLP) and stain removal equipment that will not damage shingles.

Color Restorer
Color Restorer

Stain Remover loosens and breaks down the roots of the algae, fungus, moss and lichen. This patented product is environmentally safe, EPA approved and does not contain bleach, chlorine or acid.

Roof Rover
Roof Rover

This machine was invented specifically for roof washing using the HVLP process.

Stain Block
Stain Block

Stain Block prevents the growth of algae, fungus, moss and lichen on roof shingles. It bonds the granules to the shingle and helps to reflect harmful UV light to prevent drying and shrinking.

Roof Protection Program

Lifetime Warranty

ARB offers its customers a wise and lasting stain prevention program. Any future stains are prevented by reapplying Stain Block treatments every 2-3 years. Stain Block is a non-hazardous, transparent, proprietary formula. In addition, you will receive a thorough 15 point roof inspection of your entire roofing system. We guarantee you will never see another stain on your roof.

Clean it once – Never Again!”

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