Roof Cleaning vs Roof Replacement

Do you want to get rid of those unattractive roof stains caused by mildew?  Have you thought about replacing the shingles on your roof?  This is certainly an option.  But there is a cheaper, less time consuming, and effective choice.  Professional roof cleaning is the alternative. As homeowners, we like new stuff.  Going shopping and[…]

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Roof Restore Myths

There are many myths about the roof restore process, especially related to the various types of roof algae and moss that exist. These myths are commonly believed by people around the world, and they tend to cause a number of concerns that are completely unfounded. In order to ensure that you understand as much of[…]

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Roof Treatment

When looking into the various roof cleaning and roof treatment options it is very important to know what to look for. The options available for getting rid of mold and moss on your roof, and what dangers to be aware of. You may find that working on eliminating the mold on your roof can be far more complex than you suspected.

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