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When looking into the various roof cleaning and roof treatment options it is very important to know what to look for.  The options available for getting rid of mold and moss on your roof, and what dangers to be aware of. You may find that working on eliminating the mold on your roof can be far more complex than you suspected.

The best way to ensure that your roof treatment is effective is to use a combination of low pressure rinse-washing and a non-caustic detergent chemical.  This will kill the moss or growth on the roof shingles. If you don’t use both methods the moss will simply grow back within weeks or months.  DANGER: Do not use bleach, chlorine, tsp, or acid to kill the algae, fungus, and moss on your roofing shingles. These caustic products will dry out your shingles and make them brittle and break apart. Never use a high pressure power washer to clean your roof. You will blast away the grit on your shingles.

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A non-pressure roof cleaning process consists of bleach or acid.  The industrial bleach used is a very strong solution called ‘3 times bleach’.  This solution is three times the strength of store bought bleach.  ‘3 times bleach’ will pre-maturely age the shingles in a short period of time.  This happens because the petroleum in the asphalt shingle provides flexibility, elasticity, and thickness to the composition of the shingle.  When a substance like bleach or acid is applied to the shingle, the petroleum is extracted from the asphalt in the shingle’s matting.  This will cause the shingle to dry-out, crack and eventually break apart.  For example,‘3 times bleach’ will dissolve a pair of jeans within a few hours.

There are many types of roof treatments and chemicals that are on the market that can be apply to your roof. What type of mold, moss, lichen or fungus do you have growing on the roof?

You can determine which type by usually looking at the roof or climbing up onto your roof (be very careful) take a picture of the mold, and compare it to pictures on line.

If you want to clean the roof yourself, keep in mind that once you have purchased roof treatment chemicals, you will need to mix them up according to the directions . Be very careful when handling strong chemicals, as you could seriously damage your throat, eyes, or skin if you handle them improperly .You can also kill you’re landscaping and shrubbery. Follow all of the instructions on the bottles carefully, and be careful as you spray them over the moss.

Spraying the chemicals over your roof will be hard to do from ground level. You will need to buy the proper equipment to use on the roof. Once you’re on the roof it will become very slippery because of the cleaner you are applying. The cleaner may help to kill the surface growth but will not penetrate to the root. That’s why the stains come back in a short period of time. The strength of consumer roof cleaning products is limited due to federal safety regulations.

Be very careful when using pressure and water to rinse the roofing shingles. The shingles on your roof are very delicate. Roof cleaning products and improper pressure for rinsing may end up breaking the shingles if you are not careful. Make sure that the pressure washer is on a very low setting that uses less pressure, and be very careful when walking on the slippery roof so as not to damage the shingles. Keep in mind that you will be lugging a water hose with you on the roof.

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